Our commitments to sustainable development

Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected through several initiatives in line with our global strategy:

Our technological innovations

Environmental preservation, textile care efficiency and the protection of fibres have always been at the heart of our concerns.

We thereby place particular emphasis on fully complying with the laws in force in France and performing regular controls in our shops.

Alongside, our Research and Development Department has continuously examined and tested innovative technological solutions, more and more environmentally friendly, for the sake of your textiles.

The well-being of our staff

At 5àsec, we make every effort to ensure the well-being of our teams, based on the safety and the professional and personal fulfilment of each and every one of them.

Acknowledging their skills and improving them through regular training programmes, providing an appropriate working environment thanks to workplace ergonomics-related tools to contribute to the operational excellence of 5àsec.

The management of industrial waste

Waste management is subject to a strict monitoring and control policy, applied  by our corporate members, partners and franchisees.
We have selected eco-friendly waste collection partner companies, in charge of collecting industrial residues generated by our activities.

The control of our energy consumption

As the optimisation of our energy needs cannot be overlooked, we have implemented solutions that enable us to reduce significantly our water and electricity consumption.

Thanks to the implementation of water dosing and water recovery systems, we plan to reduce significantly our energy consumption in the years to come.

Reduction of consumables

Each year, over 10 million coat hangers are handed out. Once used, they end up as waste.

In order to avoid waste, we have implemented a coat hanger recovery scheme in our stores as well as a hanger returnable system. The idea is as simple as convenient: to reduce efficiently our steel consumption.

Using less plastic for good! For more convenience, protection and respect for the environment, we offer our customers reusable covers as an alternative to the standard plastic covers.