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The perfect care to stay dry

Waterproof fabric after each cleaning thanks to 5àsec expertise. Textile waterproofing limits stains and protects colours.

5àsec expertise restores the waterproof properties of your fabrics while protecting your garments in order to preserve their original condition longer.

Over time and with wear and tear, raincoats, jackets, coats and skiing clothes need re-waterproofing. 

5àsec is equipped with a specific technology and high quality products to give your garment its initial waterproofing coefficient and guarantee a lasting result against snow and light rain.

Complementary to cleaning, this treatment leaves a thin waterproofing layer which prevents future stains, protects wool fibres from felting and limits water rings.

5àsec advices

Repeat the treatment after each cleaning for optimal results.

To limit food stains and preserve colours, use this preventive care on silk ties.


Ideal for the following textiles


Cocktail dresses, evening dresses