Offering high standard services to our customers while experiencing a sustainable growth is possible.

As the world leader in textile care and professional dry cleaner 5àsec has responsibility and a privileged position to adopt and promote sustainable practices.

In 2011, we launched the scheme ‘We Share’ to define areas for improvement, measurable throughout our red.

With the scheme ‘We Share’, we commit ourselves for:


Our R&D team is actively working on the ongoing improvement of our processes and on innovation in order to evolve in line with our customers’ expectations.


Ensuring the safety, the well-being and professional fulfilment of our teams is one of our top priorities. In that respect, we have implemented different training programs tailored to each employee.


In order to reduce our impact on the environment, we have implemented several initiatives within our network of shops.

Among them are the recovery of coat hangers or the system of returnable hangers, which help reduce our consumption of hangers and recycle them, not to mention the use of reusable garment covers to replace plastic bags.