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Freshen up your interior

5àsec offers an expert service specifically developed to protect and care for your upholstery, and thereby to guarantee a high quality cleaning and optimal finishing for your interior.

Upholstery deteriorates over time. Sunlight and moisture fade colours and dust and dirt become embedded. Those damages can permanently stain the fibre if you wait too long before entrusting your textiles to us.

Entrust us with your upholstery fabrics on a regular basis: our experts have developed expert care suited to the nature of each and every one of them. Protected, they will preserve their shape and colour longer and give your interior a fresh look.

5àsec advices

We advise you to brush your upholstery fabrics on a regular basis (curtains, tablecloths, sofa covers, etc.) in order to help prevent dust build up and permanent stains. Moreover, a regular degreasing, performed by us helps extend the life and maintain the appearance and condition of your fabric and thereby keep your interior looking good! We can also protect them against moths and dust mites.