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Anti-Dust Mite

The perfect care to protect yourself from this everyday enemy

5àsec anti-dust mite treatment helps protect your household linens and garments and thereby protect yourself from allergies and enjoy long term relief.

5àsec gets rid of dust mites attached to the fibres of your textiles with innovative products in order to protect yourself from allergies and enjoy long term relief.

5àsec knows it well, dust mites are harmful to everyone’s health, at any age. Dust mites (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus) are everywhere and tend to multiply in large numbers if you wait too long before treating your textiles.

To avoid any allergic reaction, our Research & Development department has developed an efficient and 100% natural care, made from lemon and eucalyptus essential oil to complement washing and cleaning.

To prevent the proliferation of those tiny little creatures and the allergens they create, take the good habit to air your room (half an hour per day), to avoid overheating (18°max) and to vacuum carpets and rugs (at least 1 time per week).

5àsec advices

Take proper care of your bedding or take your bed and household linens to the dry cleaner at least twice a year.

Duvets, blankets, bed covers, curtains, carpets... are particularly concerned!


Ideal for the following textiles

Duvets, pillows ...